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"The youth has become completely different, leads a bustling life, dares and does not respect the elders". Is the phrase familiar? Is not this what we hear from the previous generation. But, as it would not seem strange, the phrase belongs to Socrates. It was so, so it is and always will be. There will always be a gap between parents and their children, which progress creates. And today's generation of young people lives in the age of computer technology. In this there is nothing wrong, computers have greatly simplified and facilitated human life. The bad news is that computers are pushing books out of our lives. But this is not a problem either. The fact that young people read little, it's not the computers, not the TVs, and not everything else that we are trying to blame that are to blame. The fact that teenagers do not read books is primarily their parents, who, from the cradle, did not instill in them a love of reading. But you can not only read the usual paper version of the book. Today, there are many opportunities to read good literature on electronic media. Encourage children to love reading, and what, how and where to read, they will understand themselves. So let's start to read, and we will infect our child with an example. Even about his favorite computer games there are books, can start with them.